Monday, June 28, 2010

New boat stands

I had a busy weekend and made some new outrigger boat stands that are stackable... The design is pretty basic and its made out of 20x20 mm pine spruce that are just CA glued together. If any one is interested in the measurements I used then mail me and I will publish a simple drawing...

I will add some foam to the areas where the boats will rest. The top stand is not for a rigger, its for my FSR-V 3.5 boat.

I used a simple peg that is sold in hardware stores for making your own shelves. Drill a 5 mm hole and epoxy glue it in place on the top piece. Then a matching 6 mm hole on the bottom of each stand...

After it was glued and sanded I prepped it with one coat of Z-POXY finishing resin and re-sanded it. Then clear coated with Spraymax 2K "rattle can" clear coat. It worked fine.

Now updated with a drawing. The stand size is suitable for .21 sized outrigger hydros. If you plan to use it for bigger riggers you need to make the short cross members slightly longer. Make the 2+2 cross member end pieces slightly longer then 20 mm. Glue it together and sand the ends flush. Do note, the notch for the stuffing tube is not drawn - you need to add that yourself depending on your rigger flex-shaft design. All material is 20x20mm pine spruce.

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