Monday, June 28, 2010

New .21 VAC cowl

I also (this past weekend) had to make a new cowl for a new Kep's .21 rigger that had originally been planned for a front exhaust engine. Now it will use the new CMB .21 VAC engine so I had to make a new cowl for it, and pipe mounts etc...

The design is not tested yet, this will be the first time I use that edge design. I hope it works. :) Do note the front air induction hole! ;)

First its a couple of layers of spray can base white. Then 15 minutes later, spray can Dupli color fluo red/orange. Wait for 20 minutes and then 2K clear coat from a spray can!

The water anti-spray air duct on the inside will hopefully prevent water from be sucked down to the VAC carb below...

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