Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A/A .45 engine

Here are the first pre-production pictures of the new AA .45 hydro engine manufactured by Axe Motor Rossi in Italy. The A/A engines are backed by world famous Allan Hobbs in the US and they will be sold through him under the A/A brand (A/A stands for Aces). What I know it will also be available in the Axe Motor Rossi costume.

If you have an old MAC .45 engine a lot of parts will fit that from the A/A .45 engine. Like piston and liner, intake system and crankshaft. But do note - the crank-pin is different in size together with its bushed con-rod.

- The bore/stroke is the same as an MAC .45 (that would mean 21.2 mm bore and 21.1 mm stroke)
- Exhaust port timing: 185 deg
- Transfer/boost port timing: 132 deg (26.5 deg blow-down)

The A/A .45 will be sold in the US for $400 by Al Hobbs.

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