Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back From The Alps

Im back from the yearly skiing trip to Alpbach in Austria now. It was nice! The weather was ok but slightly too warm. That meant you had to ski from early morning until the snow got too soft at lunch but that is perfect for me - LOL. Ski for a few hours and then have a few pints of the local brew...

We have WAY more snow in up here in Sweden then in Austria!

Alpbach info.

Alpbacher Bergbahnen info.

A life saver - hot coco and rum. Yummy. :)

The slopes start to get too soft for my knees - time to drop down to Asthütte for some reinforcements. :)

One of the better slopes - we call it "Guldbacken".

Asthütte view to one of the slopes taking you there.

The youth-table at the wonderful Zottahof restaurant up on the hill. Its small and hot.

If in Alpbach - rent your gear at Iggys!

The other slope down to Ashütte.

Here's where my knee broke one year ago - coming out of the woods. This year I only crashed (mildly) once.

Anders thinks he can have three more Lövenmilch at Zottahof... I beg to differ. LOL. Lövenmilch @ "Zotta" is a warm get-me-home drink when we're done eating. And after one you're for sure DONE. Its 0.5L of a milk based drink with what we think is a hefty dose of Stroh Rum and something else... Lovely.

A few of the days it was quite nice at lunch time.

This was our last day in Alpbach - it was snow, rain and fog... Photo taken from the Zonnwend house we stayed at.

My knee support helped me all week. Even with the main ligament broke off one year ago here in Alpbach and with a crack in a miniscous I had no pain all week. Nicers.

If you want to stay at a very friendly house in Albach we can recommend House Zonnwend. It was very good and smack in the middle of the small Alpbach village.

No trafic jams here...

Last day we had lunch at Zirmalm resturant - this is shot from their parking lot down towards Inner-Albach. Fog and rain. Time to head back home.

This is at Zottahof resturant just before it went dark. The lighted slope in the background is down at Reith. We never went night-riding though (with skiis on - LOL).

Inside the hot Zottahof.

The wonderful omelette at Zotta. Gourgeousely good and yes, I was full after this one.

Its the Alps!

Inner-Alpbach the last day we where there in 2010. Bye, bye - see you next year...

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