Monday, November 23, 2009

Solinger flywheel & stuff

The Solinger marine flywheel kits for car engines with "SG" shafts are finished and ready to ship. These will fit any .12-.28 sized motor with a SG car shaft and a normal 1/4-28 thread.

The flywheel also accept all flex shaft couplers with a 1/4-28 thread such as Octura and Aeromarine etc.

The pully groove is 1/4" wide so they will except all the standard starting belts.

And the best part is that Solinger sells them for only $10.00 USD + shipping!

Joe have also updated the .12 sized "JAE" motor mounts to "Rev 2" spec. Some material is shaved off so it fits in even narrower space. Threaded to accept std 4-40 motor screws. Still available at the same great price of $10.00 USD + shipping.

New from Solinger RC Hardware are these .21 sized "JAE" style motor mounts. They are also threaded for 4-40 motor screws. They cost $15.00 USD + shipping.

Contact Joe Solinger HERE.

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