Friday, April 3, 2009

JAE .12G Heat Racing Hydroplane

Updated in October: "Jack Ass Performance" has been re-named to simply J.A.E Racing and the riggers have also been re-named to JAE (aka "J" boats). Gradually as most of their freebie plans are published here they will also go into production as a kit by! You can choose to build it from scratch or buy a kit - its all up to you

Wanna find out more about the JAE .12G kit? Klick HERE.

Updated April 23 with a YouTube video of Martin Truex Jr. running a pre-JAP .12 rigger. Its actually (if Im correct) a modified Firefighter .12 rigger with new sponsons and rear prop-support much like the design on the JAP plans here below. Novarossi engine tuned by Rod Geraghty - it runs about 60+ mph in the video.

VIDEO link here.

Another "Freebie" rigger plan - me like! Even though we don't race these here in Scandinavia it's a cool little rigger design.

These .12 plans are the results of a joint venture between Rod Geraghty, David Hall, Ron Zaker Jr. & Martin Truex Jr. This design approach has been built, massaged and tested a great deal... Read the text block and follow the instructions. There are three sheets of drawings. David Hall drew them in Autocad and we transposed them into a PDF format. (Note, I have have added the logo I made for them and smoothened out the S-bend on the stuffing tube in one of the drawings vs. the original pdf files - no design have been altered from my side of course.)

When you get them copy them to a CD or memory USB stick and go to Kinkos or any other printshop that can print drawings and have them printed on [3] 24" x 36" sheets scaled 1:1 = 100%. You will end up with a full set of templates...

Hint: take the template drawing and put clear shipping tape on the front and back of the templates. Cut them out with a scissors and shazaam you will have template to trace onto a sheet of plywood.

The boat will accept most .12 to .18 "car" engines on the market. Like Novarossi, Sirio, Picco or O.S. etc. You don't even need any water-cooled head for them, they have run these with success with only air-cooling from the cut-down car heads. Use a 180 degree header from Associated with part number #2350.

Do note, all info of the JAP .12G hydro is from Rod Geraghty. I (Niklas Edlund) have not built one of these... yet. ;)

If you're interested to build one of these tiny nitro riggers I highly recommend you to sign up so you can check out the build thread at International Waters forums. ALL feedback and info will be posted there. CLICK HERE.

Click HERE if you want to download the main template PDF drawing.

Click HERE if you want to download the second PDF file of the JAP .12G.

Click HERE to download the basic instruction notes and drawings of the engine mount and rudder bracket etc.

Click HERE for a pdf of the turn-fin.

Solinger R/C Boat Hardware have also made a combo set of motormounts and rudder assembly for the JAP .12G hydro for $30. Note, Solinger R/C Boat Hardware company doesn't exist any longer...

Joe Solinger: This is the motor mount for the JAP12G, or any boat you wish to use it in. To mount it in the hull you first bolt the halves to the motor. With the wood mounting blocks glued to the hull, set the motor with mounts attached in the hull and locate on the wood mounting blocks to your liking. Use a pencil or some thing to transfer the bolt hole locations onto the mounting blocks. Then remove the motor and mounts and drill the mounting blocks with a 1/16" drill to about 1/2" deep. This is to help keep the wood from splitting. A washer goes on the bottom, then the motor mount and then another washer and the screw goes through the whole stack. For now, just lightly snug the screws. When I'm done adjusting and I know I don't need to take the mount out again I remove the screws and put a drop or two of epoxy down the hole before driving the screw in. This epoxy will soak into the wood and harden the threads as well as hold the screw. So "Just snug" the screws into place. These screws will come out again but its much tougher, they won't come out on their own.

The motor mount system is originally designed by David Hall.

This is the soon to be ready JAP .12G rudder assembly from Solinger.

Rod's simple build jig of the JAP .12G tub.

Detail shot of Rod's JAP .12G build.

If you have already forgot it I remind you to sign up to International Waters community forum so you can get more build tips etc. Click HERE and sign up.

Building is fun! :)


Jason said...

How do I download these plans?

NE said...

Hi Jason, in the article it says download HERE. Click the "HERE" text and you should be linked to the pdf. Or to the right on the page there is a column that says "download" under there are all plans including the JAE 12G.

But I would recommend that you do that on a normal computer as the page looks a little different on a mobile unit as a iPhone/iPad.