Friday, January 16, 2009

CMD delivery

To the left: old school CMD Eagle engine rail, bar stock - 13.1 g each.

In the middle: my old one, 5 mm width 7075 - 7.3 g each.

To the right: the new CMD CNC rail - 9.7 g each.

The big picture.

Bottom view.

A close up of the mounts.

The latest CNC motormounts from CMD drilled for CMB... Good value! This is what I recommend for the Kep's 21 Freebie also. Its enough spacers included to be able to fit into different width rigger tubs. Then you cut the nylon bolts to length.

Some nice bullet nosed 3/16" drivedogs from CMD also arrived.

Also got two new CMD .21 manifolds. But they BOOTH should have been 10 deg versions as you see to the left. But they sent one that is straight also. Crap again, who the heck could use a straight one, for like anything...? BTW, the manifolds are the small 14 mm diameter ones that fits inside the CMD Fat pipe etc.

Got some parts yesterday from CMD in Florida... Crap, they sent some wrong stuff also... The strut assembly to the right is the normal .21 (.45) sized flat bottom strut that I hoped to get. The one to the left is the "21" size they sent now. Its a big difference in size. I think its a 12 size strut - tiny and cute... Hmm. Need to build a 12 size Kep's maybe. LOL

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