Tuesday, July 14, 2015

KEP's T2-45 testing

Here's a short video of me driving the KEP's T2-45 (still prototype) during some testing in preparation for the upcoming Naviga World Championships in Görlitz Germany. Note, the boat is not intended or optimized for this type of smooth water run by yourself type of "racing" - it's made for heatracing with other boats. In the clip I do about 10.9-11.5 second laps but I guess if I would have gone flat out it would do low 10's I think (Naviga course).

The prop is a Sholund 1657 (need to check the specs, but its heavily cut-down in area), pipe is a Cooper 45 with add-on "Naviga" muffler (its a Wella hairspray can). Fuel is 60% nitro with 8% Klotz Benol (recin) and 8% Klotz Original Techniplate oil (same fuel-mix I use in 3.5).

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