Friday, May 9, 2014

Futaba T4PX

Futaba Presents the New 4PX radio!

  • The design of 4PX is completely changed from 4PK series
  • Low steering position contribute to low center of gravity
  • The weight is 15g lighter than 4PKSR
  • An aluminum frame is inserted in the body to strengthen the structure
  • All in one transmitter antenna (The angle can be changed)
  • Transmitter weight: 555 g without batteries / 562 g with alkaline
  • The response of T-FHSS system in 4PX is optimized and 30% faster than 4PKSR.
  • Telemetry features can be used without delay in the response.
  • 2.4GHz system - T-FHSS, S-FHSS & FASST-C2
  • Following receivers can be used with 4PX: R304SB, R304SB-E, R614FS, R614FF-E, R2104GF, R204GF-E & R203GF
  • QVGA3.5 inch TFT color LCD. The good quality LCD bring perfect visibility under sunshine.
  • Sensor slot function (Telemetry channel) is equipped
  • Up to 31 sensors can be utilized
  • Equipped with Telemetry voice output
  • Mixing function : 5 program mixing. 4WS mixing & Dual ESC mixing
  • 40 model memory
  • Left handed supported
  • APA Handle extension supported
  • 25mm extension adapter is equipped
  • Push type button power switch
  • Auto-power off function
  • Vibration motor
  • Earphone jack
  • New high-durability stick potentiometers
  • Communication port (For setting ESC, servos, sensors)
  • Micro SD card slot (SDHC)
  • Update able software
  • High-point detectable throttle trigger
  • More crisp feeling at high-point on the detectable throttle trigger. A driver recognized a high-point by touch
  • Throttle trigger is movable with a 7 mm range (Same as 4PKSR, 4PLS)
  • Throttle trigger shape is optimized as well as stiffness is increased
  • Combination steering rubber
  • Steering angle can be selected from 32 degree and 43 degree are selectable on each side (Same as 4PKSR)
  • A driver can find the best directivity by the all in one antenna
  • A switch can be touched by a driver body is equipped on the bottom of the transmitter edge
  • A LED which shows telemetry “Disabled” is equipped (This function is intended to a race which prohibit the telemetry function)
  • Two different types of throttle triggers are included (Can be easily changed by a screw)
  • Two different size of grips (Option)
  • Carbon handle grip (Option)
  • July production (for Europe) -> August 2014 delivery

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