Friday, November 29, 2013

KEP's T2-21 @ 115% scale

I've received lots of requests and questions of providing a freebie drawing of the KEP's "44" that I'm currently developing... I appreciate the interest from all of you but the R&D of that rigger will take at least one or two more seasons before I'm satisfied with it. We still need to test it in tough weather conditions also as the 2013 race season provided us with "too good" weather/water conditions. Then I have not decided yet if I'm going to release it as a freebie either. It's not like I have a mission to release all my designs for free all the time...

There are a few guys that have already scaled the existing T2-21 up and made their own "45" version. I havent heard anything about how they have succeeded with their builds though.

Do note, that I have not scaled up the prototype T2-44 that I'm running myself - that is drawn from scratch to the size and shape I wanted and it will get some new re-designed parts built this winter also.

So for all of you that still wants to give it a try I can give you a ballpark percentage of how much to enlarge the existing T2-21 to work decent with a 45 on board. The number that comes closest as a compromise is 115%. Start with that and I think it you have a decent scaled up 21>45.

Note also that you need to keep the ride-pads and ski exchangeable as your prototype will need to be adjusted to ride good I'm sure...

Please let me know how that works for you! :)

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