Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flex Grease

We haven't tested every flex grease on the market but a few... ;)

Especially on a .21 hydro where you don't have lots of available torque some of the standard waterproof marine greases can be a little on the thick side - I think. For everyday use and if you want it to last a long time - then I do recommend you to use the standard marine greases.

But if you want a grease that runs lighter (and possibly faster) I can recommend the BR2 Plus. We started using the Molykote BR2 Plus in 2006 - originally from a tip by Tony Forslund. And after that we haven't used anything else. Normally in a .21 hydro with a "J-bend" flex tube and the flex running in a brass tube the grease will last for at least 10 runs. In a "S-bend" tube it will last a little less as that set-up runs a little hotter (at least to my experience).

The BR2 Plus is available in either a 100g tube, a 400g grease-gun tube or a 1kg bulk can (as seen here). If you buy it in a can you preferably can scoop over some of it in a more practical smaller container that you bring with you to the lake...


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