Saturday, December 19, 2009


Updated January 2011: This outrigger is now updated (and the earlier pdf's are removed) - you can find info and pdf drawings of the new the JAE .45G 2011 edition if you click HERE.

Here are the plans for the JAE.45H/G. We have included on the plans both the "H" and "G" sponson designs. Both sponson designs perform exactly the same.The only difference between the sponson designs are their appearance.

The "G" [Geraghty] sponsons are easier to build and the "H" [Hall] sponsons are more retro in appearance.The protoype of this boat has been running for quite some time now and one word sums up the performance of this boat - the JAE.45H/G is a "beast". The boat is brutal fast, turns like all the
other JAE boats and handles some of the roughest water I have ever seen.

Get the turnfin for this boat from David Preusse at The turnfin for this boat is critical.

Updated January 2010:
there is no plans of making the JAE .45HG into a kit through Zippkits etc. Also, the JAE boat plans for the larger displacement motors will require some personal design initiative and hardware research and possible installation modification to fit your specific needs. The larger displacement JAE boat plans were never intended for the novice builder. If these plans are confusing to you, maybe you should consider building the JAE.12G (or JAE .21G2) from Zippkits as a warm-up... The instruction manuals are excellent and the same building techniques can be directly translated to the JAE.45HG...

/Rod Geraghty


Ulf Ebe...... said...

Since when did you start building boats ?


Merry Christmas
You To.

NE said...

In the 70's... ;)

Unknown said...

Are there any downloads to these sponsons

NE said...

If you read my comment at the top of this article - you can see that this design has been changed to a 2011 spec JAE 45G - as in dont build the old boat - build the new and improved new boat instead. See the link for that new 2011 info and its new downloads...