Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Record breaking JAE .21G

At a recent IMPBA record event in Chesapeake, VA - Kently Porter set set some new IMPBA 2-lap records with the new JAE .21G rigger. Kently used the same boat for two classes and two race courses - only changed the (Novarossi) motor I believe...

IMPBA 2-lap 1/4-mile oval records
Class B (3.5 cc) - 16.1 sec
Class C (3.6 to 4.9 cc) - 16.2 sec

IMPBA 2-lap 1/3-mile oval records
Class B (3.5 cc) - 18.66 sec (64.3 mph / 103.48 kmh average)
Class C (3.6 to 4.9 cc) - 18.349 sec (65.4 mph / 105.25 kmh average)

The 1/3 mile course is close to what we race here in Europe (NAVIGA). The 1/4-mile course is crazy tight...!


The picture above is borrowed at the old International Waters gallery.

Here below you can see an overview picture of the basic sizes of the diferent NAVIGA, NAMBA & IMPBA oval courses. The one Kently set his new records at is the blue ones.

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