Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oroshaza day 3 - wednesday

Its registration day 2day and we dont plan to do any more testing. The registation is right outside our hotel so that was easy. Right now we're at the hotel room checking the set-ups on my set-up board. Booth my and Mickes riggers where a little too light on the front sponsons so we migth lower the AoA slightly on the front sponsons... We'll see.

Micke's stack of riggers.

The registration tent.

My boats for the worlds - the Falcon II on top will need to wait for getting wet until next week... :)

Russian rigger in registration.

Russian again... 7.5? Looks like a 6.5 aero engine...

His 3.5 had simillar design ideas.

Italian riggers.

Team Finland boats.

Pics from the opening ceremony:

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