Thursday, January 15, 2015

2016 iMBRA World Championships

The new iMBRA organization has published info about their first World Championships in The Netherlands in 2016!

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UPDATE - 14.01.2015

"Fellow racers,
After months of talks and planning, the committee at iMBRA are pleased to announce that the 2016 iMBRA World Championships are to be hosted by the newly formed Dutch Modelboat Federation (DMF) at the wonderful venue of Spaarnwoude, Netherlands between the 16th and 26th August 2016.
Lots of work has already taken place to ensure that these championships will be a success, and we at iMBRA will be doing everything within our power to make sure it is as good as it should be. We will be supporting the organisers with help in getting people, equipment, and resources that are needed, which means we will be asking attending countries for their help.
As more information becomes available over the coming weeks and months we will be updating you all, both on our website and the DMF website as well, and on our Facebook pages.
If there are any countries that have been waiting for the announcement of the World Championships before requesting or returning membership application forms now is the time to get them back to us, as we will be making our decisions on membership shortly.
Finally we want to thank the Dutch Modelboat Federation for putting themselves forward to host in 2016, and we are all looking forward to making the 2016 iMBRA World Championships a great championship.
Kind Regards,
The iMBRA Committee and the DMF"