Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hydro Kick-Off - Done

Saturday the 18:th of February we had an Hydro Kick-Off at the Minicars facilities in Enköping which just happens to be where I work... ;)

About 20 people showed up - nice!

Anders Martinelle wrenching on a couple of AA 45's and a teather car!?

Long-time-no-see Torbjörn "Tobbe" Södervall to the right showed up (hydro god from the 70's and 80's).

As most of the guys had not been to the new Minicars building I showed them around - in the basement we have an "Miniracing Museum" with lots of old RC cars.

My KEP's 21 "09" that I finished 3:rd at the NAVIGA FSR-H worlds in 2010 is now sold! So is also my back-up Kep's rigger I had back then - good to see them in new hands. :)

I'm checking the lunch pizza order list - there's one missing...

Bengt proudly shows us his new BBH t-shirt design.

Sunken had his new NE-Stuff t-shirt on also... And for the record - thats not any part that belongs on a hydro! ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

JAE 45 Twin PDF's

The JAE "syndicate" has just released their JAE 45 Twin design design!

As usual, save the pdf's on your favorite storage media (like an USB stick) and go to a printshop (Kinkos or reprographic print shop etc) and have them print the pdfs in 1:1 scale on 30" x 42" paper.

Click HERE for the first of three pdf's.

Click HERE for the second of three pdf's.

Click HERE for the third of three pdf's.