Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oroshaza day 5 - friday

Off-shore 35 cc and all hydro classes qualifying today - 50% of our qualifying done today - the last 2 rounds on sunday. Beautiful weather, quite hot (about 28-29 deg C) and reasonable bad air (700 density meters).

In my Q1 (H3.5) heat I was quite late at the start but was second after Jörn Markset quite soon and I was quite happy and safe with the 300 points that would mean (I did not push at all). But Jörn's boat stopped on the last lap and I won! 400 points - nicers. :) In that first round the wind was quite high and it was rough waters. I had after my last practice made some set-up change and lowered the AoA of the front sponsons and also lowered the AoA of the complete tub. That felt really, really good! Booth in this rough water heat and my (calmer weather) Q2 heat.

The Q2 heat for me was on smoother water in the afternoon and the new set-up felt even better! I felt like I had complete control and the push in and out of the corners was really good. I won that heat also. :)

I'm after two rounds split #1 in qualifying with Kjell-Gunnar Noddeland - but still two Q rounds to go (on sunday). Tomorrow is the last off-shore Q3-4 rounds in 3.5, 7.5 and 15 cc.

Pictures from the official worlds site.

Results in MS word after 2 rounds.

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Acke said...

Well done Niklas, keep up the god work!!!