Tuesday, August 15, 2017

80's hydro pics

Old hydro pic's from the 80's
Photos by André Holster Westerberg

You can find them all (and more) at THIS LINK in bigger size also.

André Holster Westerberg's own designs Scorpio .46

I think this is Mikael "Sunken" Sundgren's Daffy 21

I still have one of these Octura T-shirts

Think this is from an early world championships with eager racers trying to figure out the secret behind Kenneth Lundqvist's riggers

The hydro legend - Kenneth Lundquist

 Anders Ydergård's Daffy 45

 Anders Ydergård with assistance from Fred Brihagen

Bengt Loryd's Dart 45

Bengt Loryd

Laydown engine in this Crapshooter

Christer Gustafsson

Ellert Ohlzon & Dart 45

Roland Jansson & Wing Ding

Jörgen Andersson @ Hacksjön

Jörgen Andersson @ Hacksjön

Jörgen Andersson's fleet of riggers @ Hacksjön. Two Crapshooters and his "Svarten" SAW boat

Jörgen Andersson & Crapshooter

I think this is Kalle Schenning's Daffy 21 SAW rigger

I think this is Kalle Schenning's Daffy 21 SAW rigger

I think this is Kalle Schenning's Daffy 21 SAW rigger

 Kenneth and other rigger dudes @ Hacksjön

Bengt Loryd & Dart 45

 Bengt Loryd & Dart 45

Anders Ydergård & Daffy 45

 Fred Brighagen

 Benny Lindholm


Crapshooter action

Jörgen Andersson & Crapshooter 21

 Jörgen Andersson & Crapshooter 45

 Jörgen Andersson & Crapshooter 21

Jörgen Andersson fleet

Tasteful graphics

I do believe this is Mr Sunken himself (Mikael Sundgren) with his Daffy 21

André Holster Westerberg's Scorpion 46 drawings

Jörgen Andersson's Crapshooter 21 from Hacksjön (it's most likely me also in the background to the left)

Jörgen Andersson and Anders Ydergård (Daffy designer) @ Hacksjön

Jörgen Andersson launching Anders Ydergård's Daffy 21 @ Hacksjön

Monday, August 14, 2017

Even more build pics of two KEP's FE-4S

The build blog is now updated with more pics and even of the complete boat as one of them now has  been tested! :)

R/C Boat Meeting pics

Saturday August 12:th we had an small R/C Boat Meeting in our home pond in Oxelösund.

The weather forecast looked very bad with scheduled levels of rain and some thunder but we where really lucky and it was warm all day with zero rain!

Due to the weather forecast the turn-out wasn't that great but we where around 20 people anyways.