Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Propeller charts

Updated January 23-2013 with 2010 Octura & ABC catalogs.


The rare JG (Jim Gale) propeller chart.

The JG props seem to still be sold by Dumas Products - visit their website.

Octura 2010 list:

The Octura propeller definition table:

An Octura prop diameter & pitch chart.

Page 4. Sorry about this one - its slightly blurry...

Page 3.

Page 2.

A handy 4-page propeller prop chart with ABC, Octura & Prather propellers. This is page 1.

ABC props by Shaefer Ornamental Iron Co. of Columbus

The original prop charts where posted recently in the International Waters forum from "Larry" and "Jetpack". Thanks!

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