Friday, September 17, 2010

KEP's .21 Mikael Sundgren - the movie

Mikael Sundgren testing his KEP's 21 rigger the day before the Swedish Hydro Nats #3 in Oxelösund.

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My TS3 - the movie

Here's a video of my new Aquacraft Top Speed 3 boat. The video is shot with Mats Angseryd behind the wheel after the race. The boat was very good out of the box and for a stock tunnel the speed was impressive for our type of short-course racing.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Swedish OTA nats #5 Oxelösund Sept. 4

We also raced the fifth nats of the 2010 season in Oxelösund this past weekend in beautiful weather with smooth waters all day long. Nicers.

Personally I had just before this race built myself the new Aquacraft Top Speed 3 boat (its my orange #5 TS3 boat in the pictures) and tested it on location for the first time and it was (if I may say so myself) quite amazing right out of the box! For our type of racing on the short 3-leg course (with tight 90 + deg turns) it seems to be way better then the VS1 boat and almost, if not equal, to the all mighty HTB290. But that is on smooth water - we havent tested the TS3 in rough waters yet. This will be interesting for sure!

I ended up TQ with it as I won all my first four heats and for the last heat I added some lead weight to the front and tried to drive it differently and push it as hard as I could. Me and Mattias had an really, really cool duel all heat long until I rolled it to the right base buoy when trying for the inside lane... :)

In the final I was a little cautious in the start and was second or third on the first lap with Mattias leading. There was a couple of dead boats around the course so it meant I couldnt really push myself to the front and it was not like Mattias was slow in the lead either. LOL. I ended up over driving it at the tightest top buoy and it DNF:ed.

HERE you can find my webbalbum from the race.

Nillas pics HERE.

Outboard Tunnel stock class:

1. Mattias Bengtsson - HTB290/OS21XM (300/25/0/400/400=1125p)
2. André Westerberg - VS1/OS21XM (400/25/300/25/25=750p)
3. Thorbjörn Carlsson - Bandit (0/225/169/25/25=444p)
4. Nicklas Ericksson - TS2 (25/169/169/169/300=807p)
5. Niklas Edlund - TS3/OS21XM (400/400/400/400/25=1200p=TQ)
6. Bo Sandström - VS1/K&B (300/400/25/300/25=1025p)
7. Viktor Nordström-Käll - Bandit (300/127/0/225/25=677p)

8. Thomas Ljungström - HTB260/OS21XM (225/225/225/25/25=700p)
9. Mikael Sundgren - VS1/K&B (0/0/300/300/25=625p)
10. Christer Sjögren - VS1/OS21XM (169/399/0/25/25=519p)
11. Stefan Adolfsson - HTB290/OS21XM (0/25/400/25/25=475p)
12. Anders Enblom - HTB290/OS21XM (0/0/225/25/25=275p)

Top 3 at the race and three different boats!

Some racing action at the bottom right buoy.

Yes, it was FAST. :)

Swedish Hydro Nats #4 Oxelösund September 4-5

This past weekend we had our forth nationals in 2010 in Sweden in the FSR-H classes in Oxelösund. Personally I had kind of a so-so day in hydro as I had a couple of strange engine cuts and a DNF due to over-driving it... So I ended up in fifth place. This would be my last race of 2010 as I can not race the last nats due to other commitments.

My picture album from the race - click HERE.

More pics HERE and HERE.

We dont have any "gators" in our ponds - just tiny snakes... ;)

FSR-H3.5 total standings:

1. Mikael Sundgren - 400/25/400/169/400/1369p (Kep's 21)
2. Bo Sandström - 25/225/400/127/400/1152p
3. Thorbjörn Carlsson - 25/400/300/400/25/1125p
4. Mattias Bengtsson - 225/225/225/300/300/1050p (Kep's 21)
5. Stefan Adolfsson - 300/0/300/300/25/925p (Kep's 21)
6. Niklas Edlund - 25/25/25/400/300/750p (Kep's 21)
7. Fred Brihagen - 400/300/0/25/25/750p
8. Mikael Gartne - 25/300/0/0/225/550p
9. Fredrik Lundahl - 25/0/25/25/25/100p (JAE 21)
Jörgen Andersson - did not start

FSR-H7.5 total standings:
1. André Westerberg - 400/400/400/300/225/1500p
2. Bengt Björkhage - 300/300/25/400/400/1400p
3. Mikael Gartne/225/225/400/225/300/1150p
4. Mikael Sundgren - 25/300/225/225/300/1050p
5. Fredrik Lundahl - 0/300/disq/400/169/869p
6. Ellert Ohlzon - 0/25/25/300/400/750p
7. Christer Gustavsson - 400/169/0/25/0/594p
8. Roland Jansson - 0p
Thorbjörn Carlsson - did not start

Anders Martinelle - did not start

Jörgen Andersson - did not start

FSR-H15 total standings:
1. Nicklas Ericksson - 300/400/400/400/400/1600p
2. Ellert Ohlzon - 400/300/0/300/300/1300p
3. Bengt Björkhage - 25/25/0/0/0/50p
4. Mats Aldell - 0p (I think he actually got 25p)
Anders Martinelle - did not start
Fred Brihagen - did not start