Friday, July 29, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Swedish #3-2011 Nats in FSR-H & OTA

July 2:nd we raced our 3:rd Swedish FSR-H (Outrigger hydros) and OTA (Stock outboard .21 tunnels) nats at a new race place just north of Örebro in the small "town" of Frövi.

Unfortunately there where not that many racers attending so the H15 and H27 class was canceled. That meant the race was run on one day.

The weather forecast for the weekend was far from good but the rain blew away at about 10 in the morning and just got better and better.

FSR-H3.5 - Top 3:
  1. Mattias Bengtsson - 1500 p - Kep's 21 - NR - Futaba
  2. Niklas Edlund - 1500 p - Kep's T2 - TecnoPower M03 - Futaba
  3. Mr. Sunken - 1250 p - Kep's T2 - TecnoPower M03 - Futaba
The 3.5 class is by far the most popular heat racing class in Sweden and the one with the most competitive boats. Booth me and Mattias ended up with 1500 points after 5 heats so we had a run off for the win! I blew it by making a faulty start... Mattias was fast in my old Kep's rigger so I could only make up for half a lap but then his engine stopped 5 meters from the finish line but slowly moved over the line before I got by... ;)

FSR-H7.5 - Top 3:
  1. André Westerberg
  2. Mr. Sunken - Eagle - Mac 45 - Futaba
  3. Niklas Edlund - Kep's T2 - TecnoPower .23 - Futaba
In the 45 class I switched engine in my Kep's T2 .21 boat to a TecnoPower .23 motor and raced against the fast .45 boats... I made a couple of really good starts and held off for like 3 laps until the water went a little bit to rough for my 1.6 kg ".21" boat. I ended up in third place though! :)

OTA .21 Tunnels - Top 3:
  1. Mattias Bengtsson - HTB290 - OS - Futaba
  2. Stefan Adolfsson - Aquacraft TS3 - OS - Futaba
  3. Niklas Edlund - Aquacraft TS3 - OS - Futaba

Foto by Benke.

Foto by Benke.