Saturday, December 18, 2010

More pics from UIM F1 H2O GP of Abu Dhabi

I have just uploaded all the pics (183 to be exact) from our trip to Abu Dhabi and the UIM F1 H2O GP. Watch the photoalbum HERE.

Also check THIS link for the results etc.

BaBa F4S boat of Team Mad-Croc.

One of Marit's F1 props. All F1 props are done by one US guy.

Very old-school Mercury 2.5L V6 2-stroke motor. One of the suppliers of con-rods for these are this guy.

Its actually a "prop" he's carrying... They use it for stationary engine tests at the pontoon...

The front part of the tunnel of a Italian made BaBa F1.

On Sunday after the race we went to the newly opened Ferrari World outside of Abu Dhabi. Its just next door to their F1 racecar track. This is the famous really quick roller coaster - but we couldnt go... It was closed. Crap.

At an earlier F1 H2O race in China (I think) Jay Price used this newly designed special version of the DAC. Its shorter and wider. He crashed it at that event and now the Cappelini factory guys (DAC) where repairing it...

In the photoalbum you can see more pics of it...

Swedish star Oskar Samuelsson did well at the two F4S races and he won the championship!

Bimba Sjöholm was not really up to speed this weekend - she use an older Mölgaard F4 hull then Oskar = not fast enough... The limited power from the Mercury 60HP engines make the hull very important...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back home from Abu Dhabi

We made it back from the United Arab Emirates and the F1 H2O GP of Abu Dhabi... The weather was awesome (30+C), the city was "interesting", the partying was 100% and the races wasn't that bad either...! ;)

But I catched a cold with additional fever kicking in the last day when we where heading back to Dubai and our flight back home to freezing Sweden so Im not 100% up to speed yet... I will add more text and many more pics later on as soon as I have gone through them in Photoshop and my head clears up. :)

Race results F1 H2O Abu Dhabi 2010:
1. Sami Seliö, FIN, Team Mad Croc, BaBa hull
2. Jay Price, QAT, Team Qatar, DAC hull
3. Thani Al Qamzi, UAE, Team Abu Dhabi, DAC hull
4. Ahmed Al Hameli, UAE, Team Abu Dhabi, BaBa hull
5. Philippe Chiappe, FRA, Team CTIC China, Moore hull
6. Pierre Lundin, SWE, Team CTIC China, DAC hull
7. Fabio Comparato, ITA, 800 Doctor, BaBa hull
8. Marit Stromoy, NOR, Team Azerbaijan, DAC hull
9. Davide Padovan ITA Rainbow Team, DAC hull
10. Tomas Cermak ITA Team Nautica, BaBa hull
11. Rinaldo Osculati SUI Team Nautica, BaBa hull
12. Jonas Andersson AZE Team Azerbaijan, DAC hull
13. Alex Carella ITA Team Mad Croc, BaBa hull
14. Andy Elliott, GBR, Team Qatar, Dragon hull
15. Marco Gambi ITA Singha F1 Racing Team, DAC hull
16. Fabian Kalsow, GER, F1 Atlantic Team, BaBa hull
17. Francesco Cantando, ITA, Singha F1 Racing Team, Blaze hull
18. Philippe Tourre, FRA, F1 Atlantic Team, Moore hull
19. Duarte Benavente, POR, F1 Atlantic Team, Dragon hull

The total standings with one race to go:
1. Jay Price - 83P
2. Sami Seliö - 79P
3. Thani Al Qamzi - 61P
4. Francesco Cantando - 59P
5. Alex Carella - 59P
6. Ahmed Al Hameli - 38P
7. Pierre Lundin - 38P
8. Philippe Chiappe - 26P
9. Fabio Comparato - 17P
10. Tim Seebold - 16P
11. Davide Padovan - 14P
12. Jonas Andersson - 13P
13. Fabian Kalsow - 11P
14. Marit Strømoy - 10P
15. Duarte Benavente - 10P
16. Andy Elliott - 7P
17. Tomas Cermak - 1P
18. Stanislav Kourtsenovsky - 1P
19. Marco Gambi - 0P
20. Ma'arof Mahari - 0P
21. Philippe Tourre - 0P
22. Rinaldo Osculati - 0P
23. Luigi Roberto - 0P

See the race video HERE.

The next GP in Sharaj/UAE is Thursday-Friday December 9-10!

Follow the live timing HERE.

This was early on when we had the last dinner in Abu Dhabi. Mats behind the camera, Anders & Anders to the left - me, Erik & Stefan to the right.

One of many taxi drives in UAE. Do note, the "MAP" button doesn't work - as in absolutely no GPS function... Most drivers, one would think, would hit the "LOST" button quite often but that was not the case! LOL. You better know yourself where you are going as the drivers most of the time have no clue and its not helping that the buildings aren't numbered either. Brilliant. ;)

We where guests of Jonas Anderssons Team Azerbaijan - he dnf:ed though with a throttle cable "link" coming loose. At that time he was 6:th I think... Crapers. Marit Strømoy (Team Azerbaijan) finished 8:th.

There was also two F4S races held in Abu Dhabi with two Swedish racers, Oskar Samuelsson (in the picture here above) and Bimba Sjöholm. Oskar won the first race and finished third in the second to secure the over all win (I think).

This is the total standings of the F4S class before the last races in Sharaj:
1. Oskar Samuelsson, SWE, Mölgaard hull - 124P
2. Filip Roms, FIN, Baba hull - 74P
3. Bimba Sjöholm, SWE, Mölgaard hull - 72P
4. David Del Pin, ITA, Baba hull - 64P
5. Stefan Hagin, GER, Mölgaard hull - 59P
6. Khalid Al Shamlan, QAT, BaBa hull - 38P
7. Ziwei Xiong, CHN, Kanghua hull - 33P
8. Rashed Al Tayer, UAE, BaBa hull - 21P
9. Majed Almansoori, UAE, BaBa hull - 19P
10. Matthew Palfreyman, GBR, Pugh hull - 17P
11. Kristoffer Fjelde, NOR, Blaze hull - 12P
12. Tobias Munthe-Kaas, NOR, Blaze hull - 5P

More results.

49:ers in Abu Dhabi... Been there, done that. ;)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Going to Abu Dhabi!

This morning it was minus 18 deg C in Uppsala! But tomorrow I will go down south to the United Arab Emirates and the F1 H2O GP of Abu Dhabi with a slightly less freezing cold climate...