Friday, January 30, 2009

"YWH" CNC:ed radiobox

The "crazy" Norwegians of team "Yellow White Heads" (Jörn Markset & KG Noddeland) has CNC milled out complete radioboxes out of laminated 12 mm plywood... Including milled out grooves for o-ring seals. Respect. :)

Team Yellow Whiteheads

Philippe Boissy builds Kep's 21

Philippe Boissy from France sent me some pictures of his build progress of the Kep's 21 Freebie. Looks good! :) Keep sending in build pics of YOUR build...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Daughtry - It's Not Over

Some artists on YouTube dont want you to embed their videos on your own webpage or blogg, Daughtry is one of those... Click the picture or this link if you want to see his video "It's not over".

Daughtry YouTube video

Friday, January 16, 2009

NAVIGA worlds 08 - Non official practice lake

Here's my first new movie - its from August '08 when we where at the NAVIGA World Championships in RC boats in Leno Italy. They (we) are testing our FSR-V boats. This place is about 80 km away from the race site at an perfect RC boating pond. This is the place we should have had the worlds at! Ps, it was really, really, really hot!

CMD delivery

To the left: old school CMD Eagle engine rail, bar stock - 13.1 g each.

In the middle: my old one, 5 mm width 7075 - 7.3 g each.

To the right: the new CMD CNC rail - 9.7 g each.

The big picture.

Bottom view.

A close up of the mounts.

The latest CNC motormounts from CMD drilled for CMB... Good value! This is what I recommend for the Kep's 21 Freebie also. Its enough spacers included to be able to fit into different width rigger tubs. Then you cut the nylon bolts to length.

Some nice bullet nosed 3/16" drivedogs from CMD also arrived.

Also got two new CMD .21 manifolds. But they BOOTH should have been 10 deg versions as you see to the left. But they sent one that is straight also. Crap again, who the heck could use a straight one, for like anything...? BTW, the manifolds are the small 14 mm diameter ones that fits inside the CMD Fat pipe etc.

Got some parts yesterday from CMD in Florida... Crap, they sent some wrong stuff also... The strut assembly to the right is the normal .21 (.45) sized flat bottom strut that I hoped to get. The one to the left is the "21" size they sent now. Its a big difference in size. I think its a 12 size strut - tiny and cute... Hmm. Need to build a 12 size Kep's maybe. LOL

Roisin Murphy - Overpowered

A cool Roisin Murphy video again, this time the title song from her latest album - Overpowered.

Ps, I'm right now downloading videos from the camcorder from different RC boat activity's like the NAVIGA Worlds in Leno Italy (I filmed all finals I think except the one I was in myself - FSR-V 3.5). I will hopefully start publish them within a couple of weeks. There is some editing needed first though. Stay tuned! :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Frozen race pond

SSAB in the background.

NAVIGA spec starting clock. We never use it though - we use a digital clock above it instead.

Fred Brihagen mailed me some recent photos of the race pond in Oxelösund we use for the heatracing there. The pond is the cooling "lake" for the steel mill SSAB that is right next door. Usually the pond never freezes...

NAYO - African Girl

A very cool, laid back and chilled out tune from Nigerian born (LA based) Nayo...

Nayo website

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

UIM Oval hydroplane World Champs

The 1100 cc class and 500 cc runabouts... Cool.

Full scale hydroplane oval racing from lake Alfred Florida this past fall. O125, 0175 & O250 classes. It was many years ago I watched a full scale hydroplane race - it must have been about 25 years ago in Falun (Sweden) or Drammen in Norway...

Sullivan starter mod

The Sullivan starters are the best in the business but on the 24V ones sometimes the switch assembly doesnt work that good (or gets stuck in ON position). The solution (even on brand new starters) are to take it apart and modify the connectors slightly. If its an old and worn starter you need to take some sand paper or a file and clean up the connectors as they can get corroded and carbon build up from the sparks... Bend them according the illustration so when they are in contact they have full surface connected so to speak. Add some normal non silicone grease also to the connectors, that helps in reducing the sparks.

Ps, the mod works equally good on Sullivan 12V starters.