Monday, July 26, 2010

Oroshaza day 1

We're on location in Oroshaza and obviously also on-line at the hotel! I've just put the riggers on charge, taken a #1 and a shower. :) The weather is a little chilly (18C) and its grey skyes with some rain.

Ciao for now, your man @ the worlds... / Niklas

Update: we've been to the race lake & camping area now. Looks good. :) There will be some issues regarding parking for the cars though and there is quite a long walk from where we can enter the "arena" and where the pits are... And we need to carry the stuff by hand on on a trolly you have brought with you...

There is food, drinks, beer vendors about 50 meters from the pits and drivers pontoon! And also there is an open pool about 10 meters from the pits! Nicers. :)

This is the race site from the left. The grey elevated area is the swiming pool.

The race/driving/referee pontoon from the backside-right. The AMB lap counting is under the white tent to the left (dual systems).

To the closest right is the ready-box just behind the driving stand. The tents in the background is where the pits will be and you can also see the open pool behind the tents.

The right hand turn on the oval. Its plenty of space.

The left hand side of the oval course - its plenty of space here also. The two pontoons out in the water is the amb loop holder to the elft and the right one is where the starting clock will be.

The tent roofs will distract the race view if you plan to be in your swim trunks and watch the race. :)


Acke said...

Nice to heare that your on place in one pice. Have a god one!!!

Acke said...

Looks nice!!!! take it easy with the beers before racing!!!

NE said...

Hi Stefan, beers... que? I dont know what U mean... LOL