Friday, November 12, 2010

And now something Swedish :)

And now something for my Swedish viewers...! This video clip is from a classic half-hour TV show from the 90's that was called NileCity 105.6. The show was about a made-up radio station that was called that (NileCity 105.6). The guys behind it is/was a group called "Killinggänget" - that could be translated to "The Killing Gang" but not really... They where funny as hell though!

This sketch is kalled "Novemberkåsan" and "Sudden" comes into the studio with a report from the classic Swedish enduro motor bike race - his style - and he has some props with him... That race is run every November (really - not made up) and its classically run in very muddy, wet, cold and snowy conditions - typical November weather here in Sweden. You get the similarity's if you look at the YouTube clip. :)

Wikipedia info (in English)

Novemberkåsan 2010

Have a nice weekend! /Niklas

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