Friday, March 5, 2010

JAE GAS prototype in testing

Update March 17 - YouTube Video!
"This video was taken Saturday march 13 (2010) during the test session in Huntsville. The boat is the prototype JAE gas boat with a “box stock” RCMK rear exhaust motor [the motor is turning 16,600 rpm]. The only smooth water was right in front of the drivers stand. This video does not do justice as to how rough the water was during this test run. The wind was blowing across the course from the drivers backs...That is why the water is smoother right in front of the drivers stand. The boat isn’t hopping, it is being “launched” off the tops of the rollers... We are pleased to say the new JAE gas boat does absolutely nothing stupid in any water conditions! ;)

This run was with a Voodoo 7520 prop. We have several 3” plus diameter props coming to try and all indications are that 75 mph (120 kmh) will be attainable with this JAE/”box stock” RCMK combo [we haven’t even set the head clearance in this motor yet].

We have another gas boat prototype in construction and the same tests will be run with a “box stock” 260 Zenoah.

Note: Once again, the only adjustments required on this boat are prop selection, pipe length and needle valve. / Rod Geraghty"

"These are some pictures of the 1st test run of the JAE Gas Rigger prototype speed was 65mph on the radar gun with full length rudder that needs to be shortened and also needs a smaller turnfin and more prop than we had with us it turned a 1667 with no problem. This was with a STOCK RCMK EVO rear exhuast. The boat really handled well you could put it right on the buoys or out wide it was a very well manered hydro no bad habits. Looking forward to finding the right prop and racing it this season. The guy holding the JAE gas hydro is David Hall the designer/builder. He also has another JAE Prototype designed for the Zenoah."

The quoted text is from Bill Zuber borrowed @ International Waters furum.

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