Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New VS PTO .21 Powerhead Engine

The new and exclusive VS Powerhead .21 marine engine is based on the very powerful O.S. Speed 21ZX-R on-road racing engine and is an extraction of the world famous O.S. Max precision and technology together with an additional 'Rody' touch and development.

  • Reliable O.S. SPEED quality, power and spare parts availability.
  • A specific 'Rody' shaped crankshaft with left threaded thread so the flywheel will not unscrew itself.
  • PTO Air cooled cooling-head for easier setting of the carburetor and more stable temperatures.
  • A specific 'Rody' 7-Port liner with MES exhaust system.
  • Combustion chamber for conical (turbo) glow plugs.
  • A carburetor is NOT included so you are free to choose the carburetor of your liking, as long as it has a neck diameter of 15 mm.
  • We suggest to use with this engine maximum 25% nitro fuel.
  • Use it on the O.S. Lower Unit


  • Size: .21 (3.5cc)
  • Bore: 16.27 mm
  • Stroke: 16.80 mm
  • Crankshaft: 14 mm CWR
  • Cylinder: 7T ABC
  • Ports Intake: 7
  • Ports Exhaust: 3
  • Carburetor: Not Included (15 mm neck dia)
  • Cooling-Head: 49 mm / 7-fins
  • Glow plug: Turbo / Conical (not included)
We have obtained great performances with this VS PTO .21 Powerhead engine in combination with our self developed exhaust system (Part #HIP2034-OBL), together with the O.S. Max 21D carburetor (Part #23882000).

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