Tuesday, July 14, 2015

KEP's T3-21 prototype testing #2

In comparison with the #1 clip, this second clip is with a slightly different version of the pre-production Hipex pipe (still @ 196 mm length) but it still does around 12.5 to 13s lap times wich is quite ok and a good set-up to start with.

The testing was done in Oxelösund as preparation for the upcoming Naviga World Championships in Görlitz Germany. Testing new "T3" sponsons with new turn fin and new rear ski design. Im also continuing to test the very nice V.S. SPEED 2101 marine engine that feels better and better. Also new is a new upcoming "parabolic" pipe and 180 deg manifold from Hipex that feels very smooth and race friendly (@ 196 mm length).

In this clip its a bit too smooth water as this is not a run by yourself type of boat - its a heatracing boat that really comes alive in race water with other boats.

The prop used was a Sholund H6 that Ive not used as a race prop the last couple of years (saving the race props to the worlds). It has a 2.9 COB pitch and 3.33 cup. The dia is just over 45 mm (I think). The carb used is the first generation Zoom 21. Fuel is 60% nitro with 8% Klotz Benol (recin) and 8% Klotz Original Techniplate oil.

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