Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NAVIGA FSR Worlds 2015 Changed Dates

To all member countries from the NavigaWe have a great pleasure to announce that the steering committee of Nauticus (Naviga) has unanimously approved a World Championship in the year 2015 in the section FSR classes V-H-O.

The time period is fixed from: 1 August till 15 August, 2015
(note, this is changed from the earlier said August 1-12).

On this moment two venues are being discussed, therefore the final place will be announced in a short time. Please inform all potential participants in your country accordingly to allow qualified competitors to participate. We hope that your country will participate in this Naviga World Championship; we look forwards to welcome a complete team next year in Germany.
With the best regards,

The steering committee Nauticus (Naviga)

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