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No 2014 NAVIGA FSR Worlds in Dessau

2014 FSR Worlds - To be or not to be...
As many of you know there has been very little information made official regarding if there will be any NAVIGA FSR (H/V/O) World Championships in 2014, and if so - where?

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Updated January 26 with official Naviga News -> NAVIGA 2015 WC In Germany for all FSR classes! (scroll down to the bottom)

Updated January 24 with a statement from NAVIGA FSR-V Team Leader Ian Folkson, Evert De Ronde (Jr) & Jörg Banaszak (scroll down).

Not in Slovenia / Velenje
There where several posts being made in different forums earlier this fall/winter 2013 that it was a "done deal" with it being held in Velenje / Slovenia again in 2014. But that was not the case. This is their official statement (source):

"OFFICIAL STATEMENT – Velenje 24.10.2013

On Thursday 24.10.2013 the Board of club DMM-Velenje held a meeting where we discussed about organization of the World Championship (WC) FSR, which was supposed to be in Velenje´s Lake (Velenje, Slovenia) in year 2014. First discussions about the preparation and organization of the WC, was represented on international race in Velenje (June 2013) to the Naviga (Peter Schaft, heads of sections FSR), the Mayor of city Velenje and club Board Society. For the fund, the Club prepared a plans and project with presentation of the organization, which was in September 2013 presented to Mayor of Velenje, which was looking forward to it. At the end remained some outstanding issues that we have tried to realize and complete in September and October 2013. UNFORTUNATELY, WE WERE NOT SUCCESSFUL!

  • We did not acquire a competent person to lead the organizing committee and all subjects for a successful implementation. For organizing WC-2013 we need cooperation between Tourist info, Mayor of the city, Hoteliers, Camp and Club leaders.
  • With a fee paid by championship participants, we will not get enough funding to be able to prepare an adequate infrastructure (postpone the pontoon, make the tribunes, regulation guardrails on the water and on land)...
  • At the time is not possible to provide adequate security for swimmers and other activities taking place during this period without sufficient protective barrier. Given the current economic situation in Slovenia, as well as in our city we did not receive a sufficient number of sponsors and donators.
  • Despite the fact we made great efforts, we decided to withdraw the project for organize World Championship FSR-2014."

Dessau Germany a done deal - Again!?
Then we heard rumors that "Dessau" had sent in an application again and we got this info a couple of days ago from/through Dave Marles (source):

"Everyone, Happy New Year.

Now some bad news and then some good news.

First the bad news. Naviga will not have a World Championships in 2014. Apparently, one person who is in a high position in Naviga and the german federation Nauticus has been the stumbling block. Today Nauticus held a vote and it was voted down. Crazy because almost everything was in place for Dessau.

Now the good news. I was phoned by Jorg Banaszak today to tell me there will be a World Champs in Dessau 2014. This will be run by a new organisation called FSR WORLD which will be forming very soon to be run by well known racers/organisers worldwide.
The Championship will be formally advertised tomorrow. This is totally separate to Naviga but run under existing Naviga rules and FRSO, FSRH and FSRV will be run. This will start with FSRO and FSRH the first week and 2nd week FSRV. Arrival at Dessau earliest is Friday 25th July. Racing etc starts Monday 28th July and finishes the weekend of 10th August. Camping around the lake as before.
There are many details to be ironed out but these will be forthcoming in the next 2 to 3 months but this is definitely going ahead.

I am sure we will all be happy to hear that the facilities at Dessau are being improved with approx 2 million Euro being spent by the owners on a new restaurant and shower/ toilet facilities and general site improvements.

Regards, Dave"

Que - So a "World Champs" in Dessau but not with NAVIGA?
That sounds a bit strange and a new organisation being formed to boot. Hmm. We're also still waiting to see the Race Advertisement that was to be made official yesterday according to the statement here above (Sunday January 5:th)...

Official Statement from NAVIGA and Peter Shaft
Sunday afternoon (yesterday) we got this somewhat strangely written statement from Peter Shaft (source):

"World Championship News.

Statement from Peter Schaft
Saturday 4 January there was a meeting in Germany about the Naviga  World Championship 2014 in Dessau and the conclusion from the board Nauticus was after vote NO WE WILL NOT GIVE A PERMISSION FOR THE WCHAMP 2014 (reed appendix) and so  even the Naviga can say only there will not be a World Championship 2014 in Germany.
Than I have one other point, I have reed on one side that the President from Nauticus is also the President from the Naviga and that he alone can say there is not a WChamp but this is not true and becose of this it is a dirty anouncement, and exacly I had not expext this words on this webside.

Naviga Vice President
Naviga Sectionleader FSR

Peter Schaft

Full statement from Naviga:

Dear friends
I believe that the Naviga on your side on the Internet some things should clarify, in the matter of world championship Dessau.


Dear model sportsmen,

in many forums statements are to be read, in the matter of world championships in the area FSR for 2014.

Something is not reported there properly, hence, a clarification of the presidium of the Naviga.

The Naviga presidium has explained no vote about an adjustment of a world championship in the area FSR, but only the umbrella organisation Nauticus. Naviga is to be explained furthermore anxiously a world championship in the area FSR in 2014.

The association has applied Sweetbread-long with the Nauticus for the implementation of a world championship in 2014. Nauticus and Naviga expect from every organizer certain documents, e.g., the confirmation of the town in that the competition is explained, the approval of other authorities, the production of a finance plan, production of an organisation chart and the other. These documents were requested by order of the Naviga by the Nauticus, these demands were passed on to the association, but were not fulfilled up to a declaration of intention of the city of Dessau, or it were expelled to the old documents from 2012. Moreover, the city of Dessau expects an inclusion of the population of the town, e.g., with a winner's honour and an opening ceremony. Also here the straightening association has presented no proposal, also not in the area of the breaking even, but does not have this further distributed to other people them before at all were asked.

Besides comes which with the Naviga presidium a big number of discomfort after the world championship have entered in 2012, e.g., not paid referee's fees, bad conditions on the camping place, on the area (no stream, no WC's), no sufficient care with the banquet. It must be made sure before an other assignment that such defects are put down. This should happen by the lessor of the forest bath, in the area of WC and stream, but this confirmation is not given, no written confirmation of the lease of the area is also given by the lessor of the forest bath.

How should an umbrella organisation of the Naviga or the Naviga decide then?

Hence, the Nauticus could not agree to the application of the association.

As is already mentioned the Naviga, as well as the Nauticus, very strongly in it interests a world championship in the area FSR to aim, only the conditions must be right and the association and the straightening association must fulfil the editions which are put."

Response from Jörg Banaszak and info about the new "FSR-WORLD" organization


"Hello FSR-Friends

When it became clear that no country wanted to host the WC 2014 and at same time we had a lot of personal requirements that we should do it again, we made the decision to apply for 2014 in Dessau again. After a phonecall with Peter (Schaft, I presume) , he was very happy about it and had in the name of Naviga nothing against it. There was only one requirement. We have to go over the German Federation Nauticus and they have to make an official application to Naviga. From this point the nightmare was starting.

At 14th of November 2013 the RC-BRIESELANG made the official application to presidium of Nauticus. From that day on the President of Nauticus and Naviga, Mr  Dieter Matysik and the whole presidium never ever offered their help or made any requirements. Nobody ever talked to me.

On the 7th of December 2013, the German technical commission FSR had the annual meeting and they had the order to vote about the Application for WC 2014 in Dessau. In the following 2 weeks they had a few requirements. Some of them we've been able to bring in, some not. But for one simple reason, between the decision to host the WC and then, there had only been 3 weeks. After all, we had pretty much the same status quo as 2 years before in Dessau but one big advantage. We have been able to prove that we are able to make a good WC like in 2012 . It was a big success in all ways :sportive, organizing and financial.

The German  technical commission for FSR all voted unanimous 5 : 0 for WC 2014 in Dessau.

After that I asked for a quick voting in the presidium of Nauticus until X-Mas. Finally at the 4th of January 2014 the Nauticus presidium voted:
  • 6 x NO
  • 3 x YES
  • 3 x no vote
That was a shock! and as far as I can see there is no reason at all for that kind of decision.

Every announcement of Naviga that there will be another Country to host the WC, it's a big lie. They (specially Dieter Matysik) made a big mistake and now they are afraid what is coming. Let us face the truth, first Naviga took the European Championship from us. The last one was in Hungary 2009 and finally they take the World Championship from us. The major reason that Naviga exists is to help, prepare or organize Continental and international Races! But they still take our money at least 300 € from each Country.

After a lot of phonecalls we found a new way and we go with it. We organized a new association for FSR-Racers, and only FSR-Racers ! The Name is FSR-WORLD Association for RC boatracers. Any country can be a member, either with their national Federation or with one single club.

For example, here is the way it will work in Germany: The national Federation Nauticus will not enter into the FSR-WORLD for sure. We founded a new Club in Germany that called FSR-DEUTSCHLAND. FSR-DEUTSCHLAND will be a member of FSR-WORLD. So all racers of FSR-DEUTSCHLAND are allowed to race at the FSR-WORLD WC 2014 in Dessau. If there are more than 3 competiters in 1 class we will use the results of the the last German Championship for qualification. Of course, the best way is when the national association of every country for  the FSR-section is going to be a member of FSR-WORLD. We have no problem with double membership for Naviga and FSR-WORLD. The Rules for WC 2014 will be the same as the Naviga rules 2012 and then at the WC in Dessau we will have a  big team leaders meeting that will elect the Head Board of FSR-WORLD and discuss and vote the rules for the future.

FSR-WORLD will be an independent association made by FSR-Racers for FSR-Racers! All money will be used 100% for the FSR-Sport. No buttheads and matchstick boatbuilders that make decisions about our hobby and take our money. The entry fee for each Country into the FSR-WORLD will be free for 2014, because some countries already paid Euro 300 or more this year to the Naviga and got nothing! The amount for an annual fee for the future will be decided by a vote in Dessau 2014.

We all felt calm and secure in the Naviga, that is over. Now we have to think in new ways to take care of our Hobby. After Naviga had 50 years to grow up and finally destroy our FSR-Hobby, we have just a short time to find our own way. I ask everybody for their help to keep our Sport going. Let us go with Racers for Racers.

Best wishes from
Jörg Banaszak

P.S.: the Invitation with all rules for Dessau 2014 is coming soon (not earlier than 15th of January 2014). The Webpage will be

.........das, was uns zustößt, während wir uns etwas ganz anderes vorgenommen haben.“
Henry Miller (1891-1980), amerik. Schriftsteller"

Statement from Ian Folkson - NAVIGA Group Leader FSR-V (24/1-2014)


"This Statment is regarding the mess that has been made of a FSR-V H & O championships for 2014.

During Dessau in 2012 the section had an offer from Dessau to hold it again but I was told by Nauticus at the time they were not interested to hold it again. No other county came forward with a venue for a mixed championship but we had interest from countries to hold the FSR-V only. (Remember Dessau came in at the last minute to help out Naviga with combined championships)

I asked Peter Schaft many times after Hungary 2010 if we could ask for countries to hold a split championship as no one offered to do one for all classes. I was told no on more than one occasion.

During the summer 2013, already late to announce where the next championships should be held, Peter asked Slovenia if they could help hold the championships. Although the club was not really interested, as they had stated from the beginning of 2013, they tried to put a championships together. Unfortunately it took a long time to get the answers from potential sponsors and in the end they had to say they could not do it.

At that point I was contacted by KMBC Spaarnwoude club, in the Netherlands, with an offer to hold the FSR-V championship only in 2014. I helped them with the details they needed and they made contact with Peter Schaft who told them to get the official papers and present them to Naviga at the general meeting in November.

At the meeting an offer from the UK and Dessau in Germany were discussed both saying they would try to run a  championships in 2014. I believe the offer from the Netherlands was not presented to Naviga or discussed and Naviga gave the UK 3 weeks to see what they could do. The UK could not obtain a suitable lake for a reasonable cost and asked Dessau if they could do the championships.

Dessau needed the permission of the German federation Nauticus to hold the championships but at a meeting in January Nauticus said the papers were not correct and could not approve it. So here we are again without anything in 2014.

In the last two weeks the Netherlands kindly offered, at this late date, to hold FSR-V world championships in 2014 and I helped again with the proposal. I also made a few enquirers about a possibility to organize a FSR-H & O championships for 2015 somewhere else.

I had contacted the President of Naviga Dieter Matysik trying to make a case for holding a split championship. I said that if Naviga failed to do something it would leave the door open for another federation to form and so splitting the FSR world as we know.

The president was eventually convinced and thought the idea of split championships could be the answer, to save Naviga from even bigger problems.  He would try to get the other members of the presidium on his side to approve it. But after two weeks and many phone calls I got the answer.  We could not hold an FSR-V championship,  because Peter Schaft would not agree to a split. The reason given is that the rules say that championships must include all classes!!

So there we are. I am sorry this is so long, but I wanted to put on the record what has happened, as for so long Naviga has provided everyone with so little information.

In my opinion, the President of Naviga should have overruled Peter Schaft, who is FSR leader and vice president of Naviga and got at least part of the championships this year. As there is nothing in 2014 and they have not announced what they intend to do for any other year they have left themselves open to other federations starting and diluting our sport.

I would like the opinions of all member countries of Naviga on what they feel should be done now and if I was not correct in what I tried to do let me know.

Please circulate this to every one you know in the FSR world so we can get feedback on what should be done now.


Please send feedback to Ian Folkson

To all FSR Racers from Evert De Ronde (Jr) (24/01-2014)


The last months many things happened in our hobby World. Unfortunately the boat racers, suppliers, volunteers and all people who are involved with the hobby are the victims in this scenario.

Here is my story what happened last months in Haarlem ( KMBC Spaarnwoude ).

When we heared that the World Championship was not official yet in the summer, we decided to do something to help NAVIGA. We had lots of contact with more people about this situation, specially with Ian Folkson and Sigurd Hauenschild. I asked them for advice about organizing this big event. When i got all the info I made a presentation to our club members and all agree to do it. This is when some strange things happened, I wrote this letter to Mr. Dieter Matysik, about what happend here in Haarlem. You can read the letter here below.

After this Letter i got in contact with Dieter Matysik who was positive about this but asked me if we could also do H and O. I had to say sorry no we can’t ( the reasons are in the letter ). Ian Folkson had also contact with Dieter Matysik, we found out that Dieter was positive to have this World champs in haarlem. The only thing that need to happen was calling Peter Schaft.  When Dieter Called with Peter the answer was: NO.

The reasons? What I heard: Peter didn't think the lake and facilities are good enough, we wouldn't have the money to do it and we had no idea what to do. This is all incorrect as everybody knows we have one of the best lakes and one of the biggest international Races every 2 Years.

In this situation it is strange that 1 person ( Peter Schaft ) is allowed to make a decision like this for so many people, and the president was not able to change something about this. Why would Peter stop this when he talked about stopping at the Naviga also?

It is time things have to change, and not for this year but we need stability and a refreshing federation, there are already more federations now. But who gives us the guarantee that we will have World Champs V-H-O in the next years  So that's why we need to split sections, so there are more countries willing to do a FSR-V week or FSR-H-O week."

This is the letter Evert De Ronde (Jr) sent to Dieter Matysik:

"To Mr. Dieter Matysik (11/1-2014, IJmuiden)

Last year 2013 ( June ) I spoke with Mr. Peter Schaft about the WC 2014. In this conversation I found out what Peter wants for this WC, in his perfect WC the section is not split while Peter is still member and vice president of Naviga. But I told him in June already that this will nort be possible to organise because of the times we live in and that in this crisis sponsor money is hard to find. But I can understand we have to go for the perfect WC. When the months passed by, I ask Peter a few times how things are going about the WC, in August he said it is very hard to find a country who can get the right papers and area. This is when we said to him we can give him the option to do FSR-V in Haarlem.

The reason why we cannot do all the classes is simple: We have few people who can make time for this long event, Half of the people have there own business. And we all agree ( KMBC ) the event will have a better quality when we can make A perfect week of FSR Racing. When I told this to Peter he was happy with this option, and would think about it.

The options: Dessau and England where in first place the best options for Naviga, because they would do FSR-V-H-O. When in November it became clear that these options where not really realistic, we thought we have to do action for the hobby. So i started making a plan for an WC in Haarlem. We did a meeting with the club members, I convinced all the members this will be a great event and a need for the hobby. After this meeting I asked Peter Schaft what to do to make this an OFFICIAL request to Naviga.

The answer was clear: He said in these words, Evert you have to call the ANSF ( the Dutch boat federation ) that you ( KMBC ) want to do an official request by Naviga for FSR-V WC. The Secretary of ANSF said to me, OK I will make the papers official and give them to Peter who will take them to the Naviga meeting. So in my opinion the request was officially done from us. When we found out Dessau didnt have the right papers and England couldn't get the money together we where thinking it would be split and we have an WC FSR-V Haarlem. But this was not the way things were going. When we had our club Evening ( we have every 2 weeks ) Peter was also there. I asked him about the request we did for the week FSR-V, the answer was that he didnt had a OFFICIAL request from ANSF. When I asked about Nico ( sercratery ANSF ) if he did not give Peter the papers, the answer was no I didnt get anything from Nico.

The next morning I called Nico, and asked about the request and his contact with Peter. The story was that he called Peter about it and he could make the papers in a few days ready for an official request by Naviga. This is the point where Peter said to him dont do this request because I have 2 options already, so I wont present this to Naviga. I never got a phone call after this. So when I told Nico that Peter didnt have the request he told me that peter didnt want it. So now there is no WC.

I also understand there was a vote at the Naviga presidium meeting about allowing a split of the sections for FSR-V H & O to hold separate championships. If there was a vote then it should be made public so the boaters know how the vote went. I presume there is evidence of this in the meeting papers held by the secretary. Peter told me 2 days after the meeting he tried to split the sections ( so we have WC Haarlem ) but the Naviga say NO. I made again an offer last week to Peter to split the sections and we can manage to do an WC Haarlem this year 2014. He said no we wont split, but we can do the WC FSR-V in Haarlem 2015. This is too late I said. And what is the reason that it can be split in 2015 but not in 2014? This is the point were I wanted to do some action to save Naviga and our hobby, I am 24 years and want to do this hobby as long as possible. There are more people who will give everthing to save the hobby.

Let me tell you about our club and some friends I spoke with about organizing this WC. We have an very close club with all friends, in first place not everybody was thinking positive to do this WC, but after my big presentation to the members they were all on the same side. We have an great lake here ( I can say the best in Europe ) the conditions are always the same and there is enough space for racing. We also have an contract for the next 5 years, we can use the lake only for our hobby every day. From 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening. With the presentation about the WC I first did some lobby by other boat racers and people who are long time in the hobby. I got lots of help from England by Ian Folkson And Katarina, they made me an list what the needs are for an WC. When I put this list together with the other list I made myself, and the list I got from my friends in Germany the list would be complete and nothing forgotten. We organize every year at least 5 or 6 races, and every year an INTERNATIONAL race. We have around 240 boats this event in 3 days of racing. I will give you my presentation, unfortunately it is in Dutch and I didn't have the time to translate this in English or German. When you want me to do this i will do it.

Here is my opinion about this all: Now that some people stand up for the hobby ( Dessau team ) and want to do a different organization, i think this is not the right way. Because the federations will be split and half will go to FSR-World and half will stay at Naviga, so we have no more an big group of people who want to share their hobby. We have to do something about this and not in 2015, because then the damage is done. If Naviga will agree to split the sections and will go into this offer of Haarlem, I will make the official paper work done as soon as possible. I see no problems in this because the ANSF is happy with us we organize this many races for them and the contract for the Lake is already signed. But I cannot go out and ask for the official papers from ANSF and the owner of the campside because first I need to know sections will be split. If we not split the sections then we will have more problems in the coming years to find a country who is willing to do all the classes, and what would the quality of this WC be?

When we do split the sections I am sure more countries are willing to do FSR-V week or FSR-H and O week. We would have an FSR-V WC 2014 and an FSR-H-O in 2015. The qualifiers keep there place and we will have qualifications in 2015 again for FSR-V and H and O for the next World Champs. The reason why some things take so long for decisions, I think Peter has always been good for the Naviga but now it is for sure a problem things stand still and his English is not that good with all the respect, he might get some things not right because of this. It is for sure I understand Peter correctly and he understand me, this for the simple reason we have the same language. We have to go for a great World Champs, with a organization who is doing there best they can, so the champs is the biggest race again in our hobby. For sure we all have no big sponsors and the hobby costs only money, but then still we have to go for a high quality Race. But this is realistic when splitting the sections.

Thanks for your time.

When you need some more information, you can send me an email or call by: +0031643242496 or post me on Facebook on the name: Kmbc Spaarnwoude. If this all goes in the direction to do a split and try to go for Haarlem, then i can allways come to Oberhausen for a conversation.

Also if you want to talk to Ian Folkson head of the FSR-V part he can give you the views from the racers point of view.

Evert de Ronde jr. with on my side Evert de Ronde sr ( president KMBC )"

Statement from Jörg Banazack (24/1-2014)


"To all FSR Boat Racers in the World!

I know it is hard to give up on something. But at this point it is sure that the Naviga will not organize a WC 2014. There are a lot of reasons we could talk and discuss about but there is always one fact at the end. Wrong people in responsible positions.

In my opinion this is the time to separate the FSR scene from Naviga. Only FSR - Racer´s organising and working for FSR Racers. As a matter fact I allready founded a new Association. From Monday on the 27th of January 2014 the FSR-WORLD e.V. is an official International Association for Modelboatracing. As a new president of the new FSR-WORLD I invite all nations to be a member of the FSR-WORLD. The membership for 2014 will be free. In case that your national federation cannot have a double membership in FSR you can form a national TEAM from your Country with your teamleader to enter into the FSR-WORLD WC 2014 in Dessau.

For all Countries they join the WC 2014 we will have a meeting to organize the future for FSR Modelboatracing in the FSR-WORLD e.V. Let´s come together and start our own FSR World.

For any question please contact us. Our new website is . Here you find the invitation and all entryforms.

Best Regards

NAVIGA FSR World Championships 2015 in Germany! (26/1-2014)



To all Membernations
and FSR Sportsmen

Information from the Presidium

There is no world championship FSR 2014. The NAVIGA had to cry off. We regret this very much. Slovenien has cried off very late. This was our problem. In Dessau a good organisation is not protected till this day. Mr. Banaszak has presented no documents for an organisation. Now there is a new way.

There will be in 2015 in Germany a world championship NAVIGA FSR. For all classes. The world championship will be in a shorter time than up to now. This is possible.

It is not to be founded well one new federation. This divides our sport into two groups. The sport FSR will remain under the roof of the world-wide organisation NAVIGA.

NAVIGA Presidium
Dieter Matysik"


Unknown said...

A very succinct conclusion Niklas.
It would also seem obvious to me that the leader of a national body should not also be the leader of the international body.

Unknown said...

Excellent suggestions Niklas.
Might I also add that the president of the international body should not be allowed to hold national office at the same time.