Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pictures from 2012 NAVIGA World Champs in Dessau

2012 NAVIGA FSR Worlds in Dessau Germany

My Picasa Web album is now complete from the NAVIGA 2012 FSR World Championships. In total 278 pics mainly from the hydroracing. In the linked webalbum you can also see the results from all finals including FSR-V (even though we left before the V finals).

Personally I had a good time in Dessau and I finished second in Hydro 3.5! :)

The KEP's T2 .21 (prototype) rigger (yes, it will be a freebie PDF later this year) worked really good in the tough NAVIGA style heat racing but it will take some more practicing to get the starts perfect. Its not easy when you have a fast boat that runs really light on the water and you race against 7 other boats... ;)

Ciao for Now,

/ Niklas

Many more pics can be found HERE & HERE.

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