Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Novarossi .45 Marine

The rumors about Novarossi developing a .45 marine engines have been floating around for years. But now they have published information that its in the works but its not exactly what most of us had hoped for... For a gearbox application in a FSR-V or off-shore boat it would work fine I think but for a direct drive Im not so sure...

NR45 Rumors in 2009.

Novarossi quote:

"In the last few years we spoke with many clients about this new 7,5cc marine engine.

Due to the overwhelming amount of positive replies we decided to go full throttle with the development of this engine.

At this point we will not release any information about the technical specifications.

Since this engine is still in development, the final product may look different than on the image supplied."

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