Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oroshaza day 9 - tuesday

The hydro and off-shore oval racing is now all done here in Oroshaza and the 5 point M course is in the drink. The registration for FSR_V started today (for those that did not do it when the O/H registration was before the race) and it was open practice (in 15 minutes heats) on the race lake. The weather hit a peak also and it was close to 35 deg C and the density altitude was a whopping 900+ meters.

I will race in the V3.5 class with my Falcon and I had two practice heats in the belt and my Falcon II felt very good. It seems the gearbox 3.5's have it easier in the lack of oxygen air vs the direct drive 3.5 hydros. It felt like it was at home at good air at sea level for me. :)

Each round of V qualifications will be run over two days so my first heat (of 2) is tomorrow at 10.00. The next (and final q heat) is on friday. Finals on sunday if I make it...

The weather forcast for tomorrow says rain though (and 30deg C) so we'll see how that goes.

Overall the race have been absolutely awesome so far with the Hungarian people being very friendly and the organizing is on the very far end of the scale vs. the experience we all had from Leno the last time. It's a very good place to hold an event such as this!



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