Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jörgen Andersson's new rides

Jörgen Andersson made a little comeback this past weekend at the first nats of the season here in Sweden. He showed up with one familiar rigger and one that was a little bit more different...

The .21 rigger he raced and won with is his old trusted Eagle .21 that he won the NAVIGA world champs in Norway with but with a different drive line. He has installed a gearbox from Dave Marles in the UK so he can use bigger and hopefully better performing propellers. The gear reduction is 1:1.65 and the propeller he used now was a .45 SAW prop = H30 with 5.4 cup! But the propeller is not optimal in anyway. He has tried a 1467 cut down to 64 mm with equal speeds but to much load so the acceleration is not too good. But according to Jörgen the throttling is super good with the geared engine.

The cowling is a .45 cowl as the engine sits a little higher in the tub.

The overall RTR weight is 2.03 kg.

Here are some more pics of that .21 rigger:

But Jörgen had another .21 rigger with him also - he calls it HydroShock .21. Its a quite light boat @ just below 1700 g RTR. The main tub is at this point made out of wood. The top half cowling is a two part carbon fiber system Jörgen has made himself. They are locked in place by guide rods and small neodymium magnets. The pipe is also quite low so there is a special molded carbon fiber radio lid that makes the pipe sit low. The front sponsons right now is carbon over foam with plywood bottoms but they will be all carbon in the future when the HydroShock .21 has gone through the developing phases...

Top speed from testing last spring topped @ 118 kmt (73.3 mph) with a ABC S15 with 3.75 cup. The developing will continue this summer. Stay tuned!

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