Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ZippKits JAE Gas kit

The JAE Gas outrigger was designed and developed as a result of a joint venture between IMPBA Hall of Fame member Rod Geraghty, along with David Hall, Ron Zaker Jr. & Martin Truex Jr. The main difference between this hull and all the others is the use of sharp angles on the bottom of the sponsons and tub, as opposed to curved surfaces. This helps break any surface tension of the water and makes for a faster boat. This design approach has been built, developed and tested a great deal.

We don't recommend this as your first boat, as it can easily exceed 70 mph with a stock engine.

However, if you are an experienced boater, this would make an excellent first wood kit.

Full kit includes:
  • All CNC cut Birch ply for kit
  • Pre cut foam sponson cores
  • Aluminum boom tubes
  • Aluminum sponson plugs
  • Brass boom sleeves
  • Stainless boom tube attachment hardware
  • 6061 aluminum turn fin
  • Stainless turn fin mounting hardware
  • Servo mounts
  • Fuel bag mount
  • Photo illustrated step by step building and setup manual

  • Gas engine w/ 5 inch mounts (RCMK RZ-254, Zenoah, Quickdraw)
  • 2 channel radio with 2 servos (one high torque servo (100+ oz/in)
  • 250-500 ml IV bag and tubing
  • Strut and rudder
  • 1/4x24 inch flex shaft
  • Engine collet
  • Drive dog
  • 2175 prop
  • prop nut
  • glue, paint and finishing materials
Length: 41 inches
Beam: 25.5 inches
Weight (bare hull) 5.0 pounds

JAE Gas Full Kit
Stock Number #7504
Price: $219.00

Introductory Price until July 1st 2010:
$189.00 (plus $24.00 shipping)

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