Monday, May 31, 2010

OTA Tunnels Eksjö May 29

Saturday May 29 the outboard tunnel season began with the first nats of 2010 in Eksjö. We had good weather but there was some rain showers and a little bit of wind in some heats, but generally very good race weather. Local outboard racer Mattias "Benke" Bengtsson was TQ with his VS1 tunnel but somebody accidentally kicked it on the pontoon before the 8-lap final so he had to use his HTB290 instead! But his HTB was equally good so he could almost cruise to victory.

I was third in qualifying but had the inside lane at the start of the 8-lap final and its a 1-buoy-180-deg-turn at the start = VERY tight. My VS1 doesn't really like the tight turns so I was slightly wide there at corner exit and crashed when somebody wanted my lane-space from the outside and I DNF:ed...

OTA Stock 3.5 final results:
1. Mattias Bengtsson / VS1 / HTB290 / OS
2. Sven Mundhenke
3. Stefan Adolfsson / HTB290 / OS
4. Sune Persson / Bandit 3.5 / TT
5. Niklas Ericksson / TS2
6. Freedik Karlsson / VS1 / OS
7. Niklas Edlund / VS1 / OS
8. Bo Sandström / VS1 / KB
9. Anders Enblom / HTB / OS
10. Mikael Sundgren / VS1 / KB

For more pics from Saturday, click HERE.

Sune Persson is now my hero - check these prices for the top-3! Awesome to say the least. Sune has handmade all parts including the box they came in himself... Speechless...

Mattias VS1 in practice/qualifying. Quickest this day.

Mundhenke's tunnel.

Another picture of Mattias VS1.

The start is a stand-still one and all are released at "0" time. The track is a 3-leg course and the start is always towards the top buoy.

Stefan Adolfsson's HTB290 in qualifying.

Start fast and turn right. The other buoy to the right is not included in the tunnel course, thats buoy 4 in the hydro oval...

Next nats is in Ludvika July 3-4. Click HERE and HERE for a reminder of last years race.

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