Thursday, July 9, 2009

O'Donnell Super Sport .21

Here are some shots I took of the Super Sport .21 O'Donnell engine earlier this week. Enjoy! :)

Super Sport .21 - Off-road motor
Finally the new O'Donnell Super Sport .21 off-road engine has arrived to Scandinavia!

Steve O'DonnelL has worked long and hard to be able to put out a quality high-performance racing engine at a good prise - I think he has succeeded at least by the looks and feel of it!

The engine is designed by Steve O'Donnell in the USA and manufactured in Taiwan by and non-RC related factory its said.

  • Its a square-stroke engine, that means the bore and stroke are the same (16.45x16.45 mm)
  • ABC piston and liner with three ports
  • The crank case carb mount is sealed with 2+2 orings (in the case + the carb lock)
  • 14 mm crank shaft
  • Japanese EZO grade-5 ball bearings (14x25x6 mm & 7x19x6 mm)
  • Two needle slide carb with adjustable spraybar
  • "Thermo insulating" carb sleeve
  • A BIG 60 mm cooling head with the classic O'Donnell brick-top design
  • 7 & 8 mm venturis in plastic is included
  • Combustion head-buttons for turbo & standard threaded plugs are included
  • O'Donnell #97T medium turbo glowplug is included
#ODOG5010 – retail price in Sweden : 2636:- SEK (juli 09) including 25% VAT

Link to SS21 info

SS21 PDF manual

Distributed in Scandinavia by Minicars.

Wanna see it in parts? Klick HERE.

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