Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pics from Ludvika

Here's some pics from last weekend's Swedish Nats (round #2) in heatracing and OTA stock tunnels race in beautiful Ludvika. The results will come in the next blog... :)

My VS1 had a rough time in the "rough" waters...

Airborne - not for the first time on race day.

Racing to the top buoy.

If it only could fly this good all the time... ;)

It's me holding Christer Burströms HTB290 before a q-heat start.

And off we (he) go... ;)

Even the trusted "all weather" TS2's where digging hard into the water.

Mattias Bandit tunnel was not too shabby... He managed to finish top-3.

It's one of my q-heats, I'm the dude with the white Odo shirt belly... LOL. Christer is holding my VS1.

I'm second from left racing to the top buoy. Do note, there is five boats in the picture. :)

There is a hard righthander on the top buoy. It looks like this was one of few heats that had decent conditions (wind & waves I mean - the "weather" was excellent all weekend).

Pontus TS2 with TT motor.

Christer the "tunnel god" deciding what boat to use...

Fredrik Lundahl driving & Niklas co-driving.

Lundahl's Bandit looks 2 be blind...

Kim was fast but had no luck.

Anders HTB290 in the rough.

Bosse was TQ with his VS1/K&B tunnel. I was second in qualifying (VS1/OS)!

Christer's rides.

Fredrik was very close to go through from the B-final.

Anders HTB again.

Even though we dont race modified tunnels in Sweden, Anders had bought a cool Lynx with a CMB RS engine on a K&B lower unit. It looked mean.

On the evening before the race it was PERFECT weather for racing tunnels... On race day it was another set of rules... At least we could see how fast Christer's VS1 was when it was no wind.

Christer's VS1 showing off.

André's 11 year son testing his new VS1 for the first time. Maybe we'lls ee him racing later this season.

Bengt Björkhage finished 3:rd in H7.5.

André Westberg was fast in one heat in H7.5 - the rest he DNF'ed in...

Micke "Sunken" Sundgren's Kep's 21 won!

Micke on the back stretch.

Kep's 21 rules... ;)

Anders Martinelle's Taipan 21 finished in runner-up position.

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