Friday, December 5, 2008

Santa - I want a non CMB 3.5 cc marine engine this Christmas... ;)

Swedish tether car guru Lars-Erik Falk made this Novarossi conversion for an Australian RC boat dude (don't know who). I have not heard it it has hit the water yet though. Updated: The motor was never sent away, its still in Sweden with Falk. Hopefully it will hit water this upcoming season.

I found these pics in the photo gallery at International Waters... A billet 3.5 cc called KRE 21. More cool then good looking though. Made by an Austrailian guy named Ken Retallick. It uses an OS 21 piston/liner and a Geraghty carb.

A very strong front box in steel for the big G's they pull in the teather cars.

This is a stroked up 28 size to 5 cc Novarossi.

As its Christmas time I think its perfectly ok to wish for something cool... One of my wishes/hopes is that there will be some new marine engines available so there is basically more to choose from. Personally I don't mind the CMB engines but for shure its not a good thing to be almost alone on the market. If we want it to expand there needs to be more brands available also in supplying the sport and RTR manufacturers with engines - If no engines, there will be no boats.

The tether car guys have for a few years now been converting normal 3.5 and 4.7 cc engines (mainly Novarossi) to suite their very special and highly sophisticated cars for the newest 3.5 class but also stroked up versions of Novarossi 28's for their 5 cc class.

These conversions needs a new crankshaft, a new front box and a completely new rear cover with an intake system (most of the tether cars use an very thin disked Zimmerman intake).

The pics are taken from the Swedish federation tether car site:

And also from International Waters picture forum:

This upcoming Christmas maybe a little too much wishful thinking though but maybe @ the Nürnberg show '09? :)

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