Monday, November 14, 2016

New FE "P" 4S SAW Record - 138MPH

NEW 4-Cell "P" 138MPH / 222KMH SAW RECORD
This past weekend the last ever SAW event was held at the Legg Lake just outside Los Angeles. Brian Buass set a new very impressive record with his heat racing FE-4S "P" rigger with a set of SAW sponsons on it.

Update - Brian Buass has been so kind to let us know what equipment he used! See below, this is his own info copy and pasted from International Waters forum.

I'm going to do something I rarely do: Here's the entire setup.
Disclaimer*** this setup is right at the very edge of the equipment capability!!! Use at your own risk. This boat is a product of 3 years of tuning.

• Hull: Raptor tub, SAW front sponsons and no rears
• Motor: TP3650 2Y 3080kV
• ESC: Castle Creations Edge Lite 200 with added cooling tubes and conformal coating
• Batteries: Dinogy Graphene (4S2P 3300's)
• Prop: ABC 1823-19-38 (2) cll S/B (snowman prep)
• Driveline: .150 double square cable with teflon liner into Hyperformance outboard stub shaft

We don't do this stuff in a vacuum. Thanks to my friends for all the help and brain storm sessions over the years: Mark, Darin, Tyler,  Jim & Joe. In other words, the usual suspects!
We're not done yet.

Finally, here's the reason for posting the info: It's essentially an off the shelf system. It's proof of what can be done with the incredible equipment that's available to all of us. It's also a reminder how careful we all need to be with how and where we run these things, be safe. Last but not least, it's a starting point and an invite to anyone who might be interested in joining us at time trial events. These events are great fun both on and off the water.

/ Brian "Snowman" Buass

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