Monday, August 29, 2016

Testing KEP's FE-4S "Proto" (P-Open)

  • Motor: TP 4040 (V2) 2900KV (Size: 39.55 x 77.5 mm)
  • ESC: Castle Hydra ICE 240A
  • Batteries: Dual Vapex 4S 3300 in parallel
  • Prop: 1445 3.4 (Andy Brown) 
  • Max RPM (end of straights): 35K (160-180A)
  • RPM in turns: 26-30K (90-130A)
  • Average Ripple: 0.93V
  • Peak Power: 2611W
  • End of run ESC temp: 86°C
Note, the boat in this film is a prototype I built for a friend before finalizing the drawings on the KEP's FE-4S & 4SL Freebie's. So this boat have a turn-fin that is a bit too small = it makes it a bit difficult to keep it in lane #1 with the speed I know is there - one needs to nurse it a bit too much in the turns. Then the ski is a bit too narrow also creating a bit to much load on the motor as it penetrates the drink too much. But note, BOOTH of those items are adressed in the KEP's FE-4S & FE-4SL Freebie drawings.

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