Thursday, February 18, 2016

Speedweek @ Blue Lake

Glenn Quarles with his Novarossi .12 equipped rigger at the recent Speedweek @ Blue Lake in Valdosta GA (USA. His official new record landed at 97.444 MPH (156.82 KMH) average. His fastest one-way speed was 103.83 MPH (167 KMH)!
  • Motor: Novarossi Plus 12-3 SCT with some Martin Truex Jr "massage"
  • Pipe: Own built with input from Scott Bouichie (orange silicone tape by MTJ)
  • Fuel: 70% with lots of castor oil (recin)
  • Prop: ABC 1523 (stock woth a little cup ground out of it)
  • Drive: .062" wire drive
  • Boat weight (RTR): 1lb 6 oz (624 gr)


Here is Martin Truex Jr's new oval-trials record run with his twin JAE/TRD 45. The run was on a 1/3 mile oval and the 2-laps was done in 16.342 seconds!

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