Monday, June 23, 2014

Results SM2 2014 FSR-H & OTA

Sorry for the late update but here are the results from the second nats of the year in FSR-H and OTA. It was held early June in Oxelösund together with the FSR-O classes.

Results from FSR-O is found HERE.

More pics from the race is found HERE.

Download the results as PDF's HERE.

Cool video from the race HERE.

OTA tech info:
1. Niklas Edlund / Aquacraft TS3 / TecnoPower / Futaba
2. Mattias Bengtsson / Aquacraft VS1 / OS / Futaba
3. André Holster Westerberg / Aquacraft TS3 / OS / Futaba

H3.5 tech info:
1. Niklas Edlund / KEP's T2-21 / FX21 / Futaba 4PL
2. Mattias Bengtsson / KEP's T2-21 / NR / Futaba 4PK
3. Mikael Sundgren / KEP's T2-21 / FX21 / Futaba 3PM


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