Monday, June 17, 2013

UK T2-21 sucess!

In his first ever hydro heatracing event Martin Fields drove his brand new KEP's T2-21 rigger to a second pace at the Elmbridge Club event Sunday June 16. Looking good Martin! :)

Check out more pics from the event HERE.

Want to build one yourself? If so, start HERE.


Nilla said...

Kul att kika på lite båtbilder :)

Kram Nilla

Nilla said...


Kul att kika på lite båtbilder, hoppas att säsongen varit bra :)

Kram Nilla

NE said...

Hej Nilla,

Säsongen har varit ok, en inställd tävling dock i Ludvika. Sista SM:et om 1.5 vecka i Oxelösund! :)

Kram, Niklas