Friday, November 4, 2011

TecnoPower Activity Stop Announcement

TecnoPower Activity Stop Announcement

Sad news from Rody Roem:

"Dear All,

TecnoPower is forced to stop the manufacturing of model racing engines for the simple reasons that we are not managing to generate enough sales to cover our costs and so cannot continue our existence as a real manufacturer.

TecnoPower will officially close at December 2011.

We will try to service our distributors in the best possible way until our closure and would like to apologize to any inconvenience caused with this announcement.

Me and my partners at Tecnomeccanica have put in a lot of time and financial efforts since August 2009 to get this project going, I think that the quality of our production is at the level where it should be but the economical situation dictates us differently.

Thank you again all for your trust in me and my partners during this adventure and I will try to serve you as best as I can until the closure of TecnoPower.

For who is interested, the company and engine project (molds, tooling, designs) are for sale!, you can contact us at - only serious demands will be honored.

Sincerely, Rody Roem"

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