Monday, November 30, 2009

Kep's .21 Freebie V1.09

Update (October 2012):  I'm happy to announce that Friday November 2 2012 I will publish a completely new PDF template freebie design - the KEP's T2 .21. So welcome back soon and download the next generation racing outrigger hydroplane freebie! Read the T2 presentation HERE.

UPDATE MAY 2010: The pdf's to this earlier "old" freebie is removed. I have uploaded new drawings for an up to date RACE2010 version of it. Click HERE.

I have updated the original Kep's .21 Freebie PDF drawings to V1.09. The tub is the same as the earlier one so that template is not updated.

- Front sponsons are updated with slightly more built in AoA on the running surfaces. The running surfaces now have no "V" angle either = completely flat if you look from the front (or back). They are also simplified so there are no chine angles and no non-trips either so the complete sponsons are narrower. Its also updated with running surfaces overhangs to the sides of the sponsons. The C-C of the sponson tubes are exactly the same as before.

- The turn-fin location in the sponsons is moved to the front = better handling.

- New turn fin design includes multiple mounting holes.

- New rear sponsons with no non-trip angles - easier to build.

Here's a link to the original and first version of the Kep's .21 Freebie PDF drawings.

Save the pdf's on your favorite movable storage media (such as an USB stick) and go (or send by e-mail) to your local print shop and have them print them at 1:1 size or 100% and they should come out at the right size.

This is the main V1.09 updated pdf drawing including the "old" tub etc. The templates are at the bottom which you just cut off and make templates out of.

If you already have printed out the first version of the PDF main drawings or you may already have built a Kep's .21 Freebie tub - then you only need to have this file printed. It contains the front and rear sponson template profiles and the new turn fin design (all 3 are the same - you may want to make some spare ones!?).

If you only want to make some new turn fins this is a file with only that and a template for a stiffening brace plate. It fits the first version of the Kep's .21 Freebie also.

Have fun building!


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