Friday, October 15, 2010

TecnoPower wins at Outboard F1 Class in Italy

"Some time ago we came in contact with Ivan Baruffaldi who is a big enthusiast for the RC Marine outboard F1 class here in Italy. Ivan is producing by himself his own outboard tunnel and rig and has been looking for an engine capable to win races and so after some research and tests TecnoPower has found a good compromise for him and during the last run of the Italian Championships Ivan and his teammate Ezio Boretto (the pilot) managed to win this race with quite a lot of advance thanks to this new collaboration.

This new and fresh experience has made TecnoPower decide to try and develop some more in this direction and in the near future we will try and release some Marine versions, so wait and see."

The above news text (and the picture here below) is copied from TecnoPower's website and you can find it here in its original form.

You heard it here first and I will keep you posted with info of TP marine products when available! / Niklas

TecnoPower is Rody Roem and Sergio Rossis new engine brand and they are made in Italy in their own factory (Tecnomeccannica). Rody is the man behind the RB Concept engines (but that company is sold a few years ago so he has no relation to RB any longer), Sergio is the brother of Mario Rossi and son of Cesare Rossi (NovaRossi) and he's a high class engineer that was the last "Rossi" engineer to leave his fathers company (Mario left NR many years ago).

Here below you can find some pictures of TecnoPower's existing 3.5 cc engines for 1/8 off-road competition so you can get a feeling of what they can do... :)

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